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Bulk Foods

At Meridian Grocery, we are constantly working to build our inventory of bulk food products. Below is our growing list of baking ingredients, candies, mixes, nuts, seasonal items, and more.

Bagel Chips – Sea Salt
Bagel Chips – Seasoned Rye
Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans
Crackers – Animal
Crackers – Mini Oyster
Cranberries – Yogurt Covered
Fiesta Sunshine Snack Mix
Fried Green Peas
Ginger Snaps
Kiddie Snax Mix
Marshmallows – Dehydrated
Marshmallows – Micro Mini
Oriental Rice Crackers
Popcorn – Lady Finger
Popcorn – Rainbow
Popcorn – White
Popcorn – Yellow
Popcorn Salt – Butter Flavored
Pretzels – Blueberry Yogurt
Pretzels – Chocolate
Pretzels – Micro Mini Chocolate
Pretzels – Micro Mini Yogurt
Pretzels – Neapolitan
Pretzels – Raspberry Yogurt
Pretzels – Yogurt
Pretzels – Little Ones
Pub Mix
Raisins – Chocolate Covered
Raisins – Yogurt Covered
Salsa Trail Mix
Sesame Sticks – Cheddar
Sesame Sticks – Garlic
Sesame Sticks – Honey Roasted
Sesame Sticks – Hot & Spicy
Sesame Sticks – Wide
Toasted Corn
Trail Mix
Vegetable Chips
Vegetable Chips – Green Beans
Vegetable Chips – Sweet Potatoes
Wasabi Peas
Wasabi Peas-Green


Almonds – Raw
Almonds – Roasted No Salt
Almonds – Sliced
Almonds – Slivered
Almonds – Smokehouse
Boston Baked Beans
Cashews – Honey Toasted
Peanuts – Butter Toasted
Peanuts – Honey Roasted
Peanuts – Roasted No Salt
Peanuts – Spanish Raw
Peanuts – Spanish Roasted Salted
Pumpkin Seeds – Raw
Pumpkin Seeds – Roasted Salted
Soy nuts – Roasted Salted
Sunflower Meats – Honey Roasted
Sunflower Meats – Raw
Sunflower Meats – Roasted No Salt
Sunflower Meats – Roasted Salted


Apples, Dried
Apricots, Dried
Banana Chips Swt, Dried
Banana Chips Unswt, Dried
Crystalized Ginger
Kiwi, Dried
Mango, Dried
Papaya L/S, Dried
Papaya, Dried
Pineapple L/S, Dried
Pineapple, Dried
Prunes, Dried


7-Grain Flakes
7-Grain Whole
9-Grain Mix
Baking Powder
Baking Soda
Buckwheat Groats
Cinnamon Imperials
Citric Acid
Clearjel – Cook type
Clearjel – Instant
Cocoa – Dutch
Cocoa – Natural
Coconut – Chipped Unswt.
Coconut – Macaroon Swt.
Coconut – Med. Shred Swt.
Coconut – Med. Shred Unswt.
Coconut – Swt. Snowflake
Corn Starch
Dried Swt. Cream Buttermilk
Drops – Butterscotch
Drops – Milk Chocolate
Drops – Mini Milk Choc Baking Bits
Drops – Mini Milk Chocolate
Drops – Mini Peanut Butter
Drops – Mini Reese’s Pieces
Drops – Mini Semi-Swt. Chocolate
Drops – Semi-Swt. Chocolate
Dutch Jel
Dutch Whip – Butter Crème Frosting
Egg Meringue Powder
Fleischmann’s Yeast
Fruit Pectin
Guar Gum Powder
Muffin Mix – Blueberry
Non-fat Dry Milk
Oat Bran
Oats – Gluten-free Quick
Oats – Gluten-free Rolled
Oats – Old Fashioned Rolled
Oats – Organic Old Fashion Rolled
Oats – Organic Quick
Oats – Quick
Oats – Steel Cut
Oats – Thick
Potato Starch
Sugar – Raw
Tapioca – Granulated
Tapioca – Lg. Pearl
Tapioca – Sm. Pearl
Tapioca Starch
Wheat Gluten
Whipped Topping Mix
Xanthan Gum
Xylitol 10# box
Yeast – Red Star
Yeast – Saf-Instant
Yeast – Fleischmann’s
Angel Food Cake Mix
Apple Cider Vinegar
Ice Cream Mix
Molasses Black Strap
Molasses Supreme Baking
Ultra Gel
Zimmerman’s Peanut Butter


All Trumps Bleached Flour
All Trumps Unbleached Flour
Brown Rice Flour
Buckwheat Flour
Dark Rye Flour
Pure As Snow Cake Flour
Rye Pumpernickel Flour
Soft Wheat Pie & Pastry Flour
Stone Ground W/W Fine Flour
Stone Ground W/W Medium Flour
Stone Ground W/W X-Coarse Flour
White Rice Flour
White Whole Wheat Flour
Whole Wheat Pie & Pastry Flour
Bulgur Wheat
Corn Meal Granulated
Cracked Wheat
Dark Flax Seed
Dark Ground Flax Seed
Golden Flax Seed
Golden Ground Flax Seed
Pearled Barley
Prairie Gold Kernels
Rye Berries
Toasted Wheat Germ
Wheat Bran
Wheat Germ – Cloverdale


Almond Extract
Butter Extract
Clear Vanilla
Dark Vanilla
Lemon Extract
Maple Extract
Powdered Vanilla
Pure Vanilla Extract
Root Beer Extract
Rum Extract


Lemon Lime


Instant Butter Pecan
Instant Butterscotch
Instant Chocolate
Instant Pistachio
Instant Vanilla Sugar-free Instant Vanilla Pudding Sugar-free Instant Chocolate Pudding


Gluten-free All Purpose Flour
Gluten-free Almond Meal Flour
Gluten-free Baking Powder
Gluten-free Baking Soda
Gluten-free Brownie Mix
Gluten-free Chocolate Cake Mix
Gluten-free Chocolate Chip Cookie
Gluten-free Corn Elbows Pasta
Gluten-free Corn Lasagna Pasta
Gluten-free Corn Rigatoni
Gluten-free Corn Spaghetti
Gluten-free Cornbread Mix
Gluten-free Garbonzo Bean Flour
Gluten-free Pizza Crust
Gluten-free Vanilla Cake Mix
Gluten-free White Sorghum Flour


Bright Bears Sprinkles
Bright Sequin Shapes
Butterfly Sprinkles
Carnival Sprinkles
Daisy Flower Sprinkles
Gourmet Rainbow Sugar
Heart Shape Sprinkles
Moon & Stars Sprinkles
Rainbow Sprinkles
Spring Mix Sprinkles


Ice Cream Wafers
Granola – Back to Basic Granola – Honey Almond   Ice Cream Wafers Scalloped Ice Cream Wafers Square Ice Cream Wafers


Drink Mixes
Cappuccino – Creamy Caramel
Hot Chocolate Mix
Cappuccino – Original Mix
Spiced Apple Cider Mix
Hot Chocolate Mix – White
Cappuccino – Swiss Mocha
Cappuccino – Chocolate Raspberry Cappuccino – French Vanilla


Pasta, Rice & Beans
Beans – Quick Refried
Lentils – Red
Sm. Shells
Sm. Veggie Shells
Textured Vegetable Protein
Veggie Elbows
Veggie Spirals
Whole Wheat Elbows
Cheddar Cheez Powder
Creamy Cheese Sauce Mix
Cajun Rice w/ Red Beans
Cheddar Broccoli & Rice
Haitian Rice & Black Beans
Mexican Rice


Italian Ranch   Cheesy Bac’n Potato
Cream of Potato
French Onion Harvest Mix


Base & Broth
Beef Base
Beef Base No MSG
Boyd’s Beef Base
Chicken Base
Chicken Base w/parsley
Chicken Base w/parsley – No MSG
Ham Base
Ham Broth -Old Time Smoky – No MSG
Instant Chicken Broth
L/S Beef Broth
L/S Chicken Broth
Vegetable Bouillon Cubes


Dried Green Pepper
Dried Red Pepper
Sun-dried Tomatoes   Sugar-free Chocolate Wafers
Sugar-free Peanut Butter Wafers
Sugar-free Root Beer Barrels
Sugar-free Starlight Mints
Sugar-free Strawberry Wafers
Sugar-free Vanilla Wafers
Sugar-free Butterscotch Disks
Sugar-free Cinnamon Buttons


Jake & Amos Jars
Black Bean & Corn Salsa
Four Beans Salad
Sweet & Hot Pepper Relish   Brown Gravy Mix
Chicken Gravy Mix
Country Gravy Mix
Old Time Peppered Gravy Mix
Cheddar Cheese Mix


Pastry Fillings
Maple Syrups
Strawberry   Maple Syrup 16oz.
Maple Syrup 16oz. B
Maple Syrup 32oz Maple Syrup 32oz. B


Allspice – Ground
Allspice – Whole
Alum Powder
Anise – Star – Ground
Anise – Star – Whole
Anise Seed – Whole
Basil Leaves
Bay Leaves
Caraway Seed
Cardamom – Ground
Celery – Ground
Celery Salt
Celery Seed – Whole
Chili Powder
Cinnamon – Ground
Cinnamon 4.5% Vietnamese
Cinnamon Ground
Cinnamon Sticks
Cloves – Ground
Cloves – Whole
Coriander- Ground
Cream of Tartar
Cumin – Ground
Curry Powder
Dill Seed – Whole
Dill Weed
Fajita Seasoning
Fennel Seed – Ground
Fennel Seed – Whole
Garlic – Granulated
Garlic – Minced
Garlic Pepper – No MSG
Garlic Powder
Garlic Salt
Ginger – Ground
Italian Seasoning
Lemon Pepper
Marjoram Leaves
Montana Steak Seasoning
Mustard – Ground
Mustard Seed – Whole
No Salt Sub.
Nutmeg – Ground
Onion – Chopped
Onion Granulated
Onion – Minced
Onion Powder
Onion Salt
Orange Peel
Oregano Ground
Oregano Leaves
Paprika Hungarian
Pepper – Cayenne Ground
Pepper – Coarse Ground
Pepper – Red Crushed
Pepper Black – Fine Ground
Pepper Black – Med. Ground
Peppercorns – Black
Pizza Sauce Seasoning
Poppy Seed
Poultry Seasoning (Seasonal)
Rosemary – Cut & Sifted
Rosemary – Whole
Rub – Smokey BBQ
Rub – Swt. Southern BBQ
Sage – Ground
Salt – Real Sea Salt
Salt – Seasoning
Sesame Seeds
Taco Seasoning – No MSG
Thyme – Ground
Thyme Leaves


Valentine’s Candy (Seasonal)
Cherry Hearts
Cinnamon Jelly Hearts
Jelly Beans
Love struck Sprinkles
Mello Crème Mix
Mini Red, White & Red Sprinkles
Red & Clear Hearts – Gummy
Red & White Bears – Gummy
Sanded Red & White Hearts – Gummy


Easter Candy (Seasonal)
Bunny, Chicks & Duck Sprinkles
Cadbury Mini Eggs
Frosted Pretzels
Jelly Eggs
Mini Malt Milk Eggs Pastel Candy Corn Sanded Albunnies Beeps


4th of July Candy (Seasonal)
Fall Candy (Seasonal)
All American Sprinkles
Red, White & Blue Sprinkles
Stars & Stripes Sprinkles   Autumn Mix Sprinkles
Harvest Quinns Sprinkles
Jack O’lantern Mix Sprinkles
Mini Fall Leaves Sprinkles
Mini Orange Pumpkins


Christmas Candy (Seasonal)
50% Filled Deluxe Mix
Baby Ribbon
Candy Cane Shapes
Candy Corn
Christmas Bears – Gummy
Drizzled Pretzels
Holiday Star Shapes
Holly Quinns Sprinkles
Jingle Mix Sprinkles
Ju Ju Christmas Bells
Mello Cremes
Mint Pillows
Mint Sticks
Smooth n’ Melty’s
Snowflake Pretzels
Spice Drops
Stars – Dextrose
Trees w/ Snow – Gummy
Wreaths – Gummy


Atomic Fireballs
Beeps Bears
Black Jack Taffy
Candy Blox
Cherry Slices
Cherry Sours
Chocolate Covered Caramels
Cinnamon Bears
Gum – Chiclets
Gum – Freshen-up Peppermint Gum
Gum – Freshen-up Spearmint Gum
Gummi Apple Rings
Gummi Awesome Blossoms
Gummi Bananas
Gummi Bears – 12 Flavors
Gummi Blue Raspberry Rings
Gummi Cherry Rings
Gummi Fish
Gummi Grapefruit
Gummi Mania
Gummi Mini Butterflies
Gummi Mini Worms
Gummi Neon Sour Worms
Gummi Peach Rings
Gummi Peaches
Gummi Pink Grapefruit
Gummi Strawberry Banana Rings
Gummi Watermelon Rings
Gummi Worms
Hot Tamales
Jelly Beans
Jordon Almonds
Lemon Heads
Licorice Jelly Beans
Liquorice – Kookaburra
Maple Nut Goodies
Milk Maid Royals
Mini Fruit Slices Asst.
Mini Tooties Rolls
Mint Lozenges (white)
Peppermint Sweet Stripes
Sanded Cinnamon
Sanded Cinnamon Balls
Sanded Green Apple
Sanded Horehound
Sanded Lemon
Sanded Licorice
Sanded Root Beer
Sanded Watermelon
Sen Sen’s
Sixlets – Spring
Smooth n Melty – Lg.
Smooth n Melty Mints – Petite
Spearmint Lozenges
Spice Drops
Taffy Asst.
Taffy Cherry
Taffy Chocolate Chip
Taffy Cinnamon
Taffy Peppermint
Taffy Rootbeer Float
Taffy Strawberry Banana
Taffy Sugar-free – Asst.
Taffy Tropical
Taffy Vanilla
Wintergreen Lozenges (pink)


Disclaimer: Bulk products are ordered every six weeks


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