Meridian grocery carries a full stock of name brand and gourmet for every taste, from K-Cup, whole bean and ground. Our specialty coffee—always in stock—is a customer favorite: Dobson Creek is roasted in small batches in Montanna to suit a variety of blends and flavors.
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We are happy to accommodate our customers by carrying gluten-free products. Our inventory of general groceries and bulk foods are both supplied with products and ingredients for those on a certain diet. If you can’t find a specific item just ask: If we don’t carry it, we may be able to order it for you.
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Our bread and butter—so to speak—are the everyday, staple groceries that feed you and your family, all for greatly discounted prices. We stock almost everything you need to keep your loved ones fed: milk, Unruh Farm Fresh Eggs, cheese, flour, sugar, meats, fruits, vegetables and more.
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101 S. Meridian Rd
Newton, Kansas